Water Supplies Act, 1942

Application for provisional order.

8.—(1) Where one or more objection or objections to a proposal has or have been duly made, the sanitary authority making such proposal may (unless such objection or all such objections is or are withdrawn) apply to the Minister for a provisional order declaring that such proposal may come into force.

(2) Every application under this section by a sanitary authority for a provisional order shall be accompanied by—

(a) one copy of the proposal in respect of which such application is made, and

(b) one copy of the book of reference relating to such proposal, and

(c) one copy of each of the objections which have been duly made to such proposal and have not been withdrawn, and

(d) a certificate in the prescribed form signed by the principal officer of such sanitary authority certifying that the said copies are true copies and that the procedure required by the foregoing provisions of this Act has been duly carried out, and

(e) any other documents which may be prescribed.