Water Supplies Act, 1942

Deposit of proposal and book of reference.

5.—Whenever copies of a proposal and book of reference are required by this Act to be deposited for inspection by the sanitary authority making such proposal, such copies—

(a) shall be deposited in the principal office of such sanitary authority or in some other convenient place to which the public have access not later than whichever of the following dates is the earlier, that is to say, the first date on which notice of such proposal is given to any person in pursuance of this Act or the date on which notice of such proposal is published in pursuance of this Act, and

(b) shall be kept so deposited until either such proposal has come into force and the period within which application may be made for compensation in respect thereof has expired or such proposal has been abandoned, and

(c) may, while so deposited, be inspected (including the taking of a copy of the whole or any part thereof) free of charge in the said office or other place by any person claiming to be interested during any time while such office or other place is open for the transaction of public business.