Minerals Exploration and Development Company Act, 1941

Notice of proposal to make mining business acquisition orders.

20.—(1) Whenever the Minister proposes to make a mining business acquisition order he shall—

(a) give to the proprietor of the existing mining business which it is proposed to acquire by the order at least one month's notice in writing of the proposal, and

(b) publish in the Iris Oifigiúil and in such newspapers as the Minister thinks fit including newspapers circulating in the locality notice of the proposal, indicating with reasonable particularity the situation, nature and extent of the minerals, buildings and plant which are the subject matter of the said business, and containing such other information as the Minister considers expedient, and

(c) deposit in the office of the Geological Survey, Dublin, a map (on a suitable scale and showing all relevant detail) of the area in which are situate the minerals which it is proposed to acquire by the order.

(2) A notice of a proposal to acquire an existing mining business given under paragraph (a) of the foregoing sub-section may be so given by sending it by registered post addressed to the person who appears to the Minister to be the proprietor of the business at the principal office at which the business is carried on.

(3) Every map deposited in the office of the Geological Survey, Dublin, under sub-section (1) of this section shall be available at all reasonable times in that office for inspection by any person desiring to inspect the same.