Dairy Produce (Amendment) Act, 1941

Managers of cream-separating stations.

2.—(1) All matters relating to the separation of cream in premises registered in the register of cream-separating stations shall be under the control of a duly qualified manager, and the prescribed particulars of all appointments of such managers shall be notified to the Minister in the prescribed manner.

(2) For the purposes of this section a person shall be deemed to be duly qualified for a position as manager only if—

(a) he has satisfied the Minister that he is qualified for such position, or

(b) he possesses a certificate issued by the Minister of qualification for such position generally.

(3) The Minister may at any time cancel the registration of any premises registered in the register of cream-separating stations if he is satisfied that there has been in respect of such premises a failure to comply with the requirements of this section.

(4) Before cancelling under this section the registration of any premises, the Minister shall give at least one fortnight's notice in writing of his intention so to cancel such registration to the registered proprietor, and shall consider any representations made before the expiration of such notice by such proprietor, and may if he thinks fit cause an inquiry to be held in relation to the matter.