Hospitals Act, 1939


Matters in respect of which provision may be made in an Establishment Order.

1. The qualification for membership of the Board.

2. The election or appointment of members of the Board (including the establishment of a body to elect or appoint any members of the Board who are not elected or appointed by local authorities).

3. The tenure of office, resignation and disqualification of members of the Board.

4. The election of a chairman and a vice-chairman of the Board.

5. The meetings of the Board and the procedure at such meetings.

6. The officers and servants of the Board (including the specifying of offices to which appointments must be made).

7. The establishment by the Board of new institutions.

8. The discontinuance by the Board of existing institutions.

9. The management and control by the Board of institutions maintained by them, the conditions and procedure governing the admission of patients to such institutions and the charges (if any) to be made for the maintenance and treatment of patients therein.

10. Disposal of property by the Board.

11. The payments (if any) to be made to the Board by local authorities.

12. The defraying of the expenses of the Board and the contributions (if any) to be made thereto by local authorities.

13. The accounts to be kept by the Board (including the giving of power to the Minister to regulate such accounts).

14. The disinfection of patients' clothing and the payment by the Board of compensation for any damage caused thereby.

15. The payment by the Board (in proper cases) of the cost of burial of deceased poor patients.

16. The provision by the Board (in proper cases) of clothing for poor patients.

17. The inspection of institutions maintained by the Board by officers of the Minister and officers of local authorities.

18. The furnishing by the Board of information to the Minister, local authorities, officers of the Minister and officers of local authorities.

19. The application, with or without modification, to the Board of any enactment relating to any of the following matters, that is to say:—

(a) the appointment, tenure of office and general control of officers and servants of local authorities generally or of local authorities of a particular class,

(b) the payment by local authorities to their officers or servants of superannuation or compensation for loss of office or employment,

(c) the combined purchasing by local authorities of supplies of commodities,

(d) the insurance of their property by local authorities,

(e) compulsory acquisition of land and rights over land by local authorities generally or by local authorities of a particular class,

(f) the audit of accounts of local authorities,

(g) the making of contracts by local authorities generally or by local authorities of a particular class.

20. The making of regulations by the Minister in relation to the Board and the institutions maintained by the Board.

21. Any matter consequential upon or incidental to the matters mentioned in this Schedule.