Pigs and Bacon (Amendment) Act, 1939

The Chairman of the Commission.

5.—(1) The Minister shall before the transfer date and thereafter as occasion requires nominate a person to be the Chairman.

(2) The Chairman shall hold office during the pleasure of the Minister.

(3) Whenever the Chairman is through ill-health or other sufficient cause temporarily incapacitated from performing the duties of his office, the Minister shall nominate a person (being one of the ordinary members) to perform during such incapacity the duties of the Chairman and the person so appointed shall during such incapacity have all the powers of the Chairman and be deemed for the purposes of this Act to be the Chairman, and shall also be deemed during such incapacity not to be an ordinary member.

(4) There shall be paid by the Commission to any person nominated under the immediately preceding sub-section such remuneration and such allowances for expenses as the Minister may appoint.