Offences Against the State Act, 1939

Provisions consequent upon the making of a declaration of legality.

23.—(1) Whenever a declaration of legality is made, the following provisions shall have effect, that is to say:—

(a) every person who is detained in custody charged with the offence of being a member of the organisation to which such declaration of legality relates shall forthwith be released from such custody;

(b) all the property of the said organisation which became forfeited to the Minister for Justice by virtue of this Act on the making of the suppression order in respect of the said organisation shall become and be the property of the said organisation and shall be delivered to the said organisation by the said Minister on demand.

(2) Where the High Court makes a declaration of legality, it shall be lawful for that court, on the application of the Attorney-General, to suspend the operation of the foregoing sub-section of this section in respect of such declaration until the final determination of an appeal by the Attorney-General to the Supreme Court against such declaration, and if the High Court so suspends the said sub-section, the said sub-section shall only come into operation in respect of such declaration if and when the Supreme Court affirms the order of the High Court making such declaration.