Erasmus Smith Schools Act, 1938

Application of endowments.

4.—It shall be lawful for the Governors, after making the payments, conveyance and transfer in the last preceding section mentioned and after defraying the costs and expenses of this Act as hereinafter provided, from time to time to apply the endowments remaining in their hands, and the proceeds of sale of such as they may at any time deem it expedient to sell, and the investments representing the same, and the income thereof, to or for all or any of the purposes to which the endowments have heretofore at any time been applied by the Governors, or to or for education (including instruction in Protestant doctrine) in such manner and in such place or places in Éire, as the Governors in their absolute discretion shall think fit: Provided always that in the application and administration of the endowments generally and in particular with reference to the admission of pupils to Schools managed by the Governors, the awarding of scholarships in the said Schools and of exhibitions in Trinity College, Dublin, and the appointment of assistant masters, no person of any Protestant denomination shall by reason of his religious beliefs be excluded from the benefits thereof, nor be compelled or induced, directly or indirectly, to conform to the doctrine or practice, or attend the Services, of any Church other than the Church to which he belongs: Provided also that in each of the said Schools reasonable opportunities shall be afforded during the time allocated to religious instruction to enable every pupil to receive such religious instruction as may be provided by the Church to which he belongs, and in the case of boarders facilities shall be given on Sundays for them to attend the stated Services of their own Church where a congregation of the said Church exists in the neighbourhood.