Industrial Alcohol Act, 1938


Restriction on Manufacture of Industrial Alcohol.

Restriction on manufacture of industrial alcohol.

50.—(1) It shall not be lawful for any person, other than the Company, to manufacture industrial alcohol unless such industrial alcohol is manufactured under and in accordance with a licence granted by the Minister.

(2) The Minister may, if he so thinks fit, grant to any person a licence to manufacture industrial alcohol either generally or of a particular kind, quality, or strength and may attach to such licence such conditions (including conditions as to revocation) as he thinks fit.

(3) If any person manufactures industrial alcohol in contravention of this section such person shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof to a fine not exceeding two hundred pounds.

(4) Nothing in this section or in any licence granted thereunder shall be construed as authorising any person who is the holder of such licence to manufacture at any time industrial alcohol to which such licence relates unless such person is also the holder of an Excise licence authorising him to manufacture spirits.

(5) The Control of Manufactures Acts, 1932 and 1934, shall not apply in respect of the manufacture, under and in accordance with a licence granted under this section, of industrial alcohol of the kind to which such licence relates, or in respect of the adapting for sale by the holder of such licence of such industrial alcohol or any by-product derived in the course of manufacture of such industrial alcohol.