Agricultural Produce (Cereals) Act, 1938

Restriction on importation of wheaten preparations.

10.—(1) Subject to the provisions of this section it shall not be lawful for any person to import any commodity in the preparation of which wheat or any product of wheat is used unless—

(a) such commodity is imported under and in accordance with a licence in that behalf granted by the Minister under this Part of this Act, or

(b) such commodity is less than five pounds in weight and ten shillings in value, and it either is imported as private effects in passenger's baggage or is imported by parcels post and shown to the satisfaction of the Revenue Commissioners to have been sent by a person who is not a trader dealing in such commodity and to be intended as a gift for the personal use of the person to whom it is addressed.

(2) The Minister may, whenever and so often as he thinks fit, make an order under this sub-section exempting from the operation of sub-section (1) of this section any particular kind (defined in such manner and by reference to such things as the Minister thinks proper) of any commodity in the preparation of which wheat or any product of wheat is used, and whenever any such order is made then, so long as such order is in force, the said sub-section (1) shall have effect in accordance with the terms of such order.

(3) The Minister may by order under this sub-section revoke any order made under sub-section (2) of this section.

(4) If any person acts in contravention of this section such person shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof to the penalties mentioned in the Second Schedule to this Act.