Seanad Electoral (University Members) Act, 1937

Appeals from the registration officer.

11.—(1) An appeal shall lie to a Judge of the Circuit Court assigned to the Circuit which consists of or includes the county borough of Dublin from any decision of the registration officer for a university constituency on any claim or objection which has been considered by him under this Act.

(2) An appeal shall lie to the High Court on points of law only from a decision of a Judge of the Circuit Court on an appeal under the foregoing sub-section of this section.

(3) No appeal shall lie from a decision of the High Court on an appeal under the next preceding sub-section of this section.

(4) As soon as may be after a decision on an appeal under this section the registrar of the Court shall send to the registration officer notice of such decision, and the registration officer shall make such alterations in the register of electors as shall be necessary to give effect to such decision.

(5) On any appeal under this section, the registration officer shall be named as the respondent or one of the respondents.