Electoral (Chairman of Dail Eireann) Act, 1937


1.—In this Act—

the expression “the Principal Act” means the Electoral Act, 1923 (No. 12 of 1923);

the expression “outgoing Ceann Comhairle” means a person who, immediately before the dissolution of Dáil Eireann in relation to which the expression is used, was the Chairman of Dáil Eireann;

the expression “the writ” means the writ required by sub-section (1) of section 54 of the Principal Act to be issued by the Clerk of Dáil Eireann to returning officers upon a dissolution of Dáil Eireann;

the word “prescribed” means prescribed by the Minister for Local Government and Public Health;

all other expressions and words to which a particular meaning is given in the Principal Act for the purposes of that Act have in this Act the meaning so given.