Courts of Justice Act, 1936

Power to strike out with costs actions in excess of jurisdiction.

21.—(1) Where an action is brought in the Circuit Court which that Court has not jurisdiction to hear and determine, the judge shall, on the application of the defendant or one of the defendants or on his own motion, as soon as such want of jurisdiction becomes apparent (unless such consent as may be sufficient to cure such want of jurisdiction is duly lodged within such time as the judge shall allow) order the action to be struck out and may, if he thinks proper, make an order awarding to the defendant such costs as the Court could have awarded if it had had jurisdiction to hear and determine such action and the plaintiff: either had not appeared or had appeared and failed to prove his demand.

(2) Whenever a judge of the Circuit Court is required by the foregoing sub-section of this section to order an action to be struck out, such judge may, if he so thinks proper having regard to all the circumstances of the case, in lieu of making such order as aforesaid, transfer such action to the High Court and make such order as to the costs of the proceedings theretofore had in the Circuit Court as shall appear to him to be proper.