Marriages Act, 1936

Validation of licence of Church of Aughavas.

3.—The licence issued on the 10th day of December, 1934, by the Bishop of Kilmore and Elphin and Ardagh in respect of the Church of Aughavas in the Parish of Cloone and Diocese of Elphin and Ardagh (being a licence which was or purported to have been issued under section 34 of the Matrimonial Causes and Marriage Law (Ireland) Amendment Act, 1870 , but was not approved of in the manner required by that section) shall be deemed for all purposes to have been duly approved of by the Minister for Local Government and Public Health in accordance with the said section 34 as amended by this Act, and accordingly the said licence shall not be or be deemed ever to have been invalid or ineffective by reason merely of such approval not having in fact been given.