Air Navigation and Transport Act, 1936


Control and Regulation of Certain Classes of Aviation Business.

Definitions for purposes of Part X.

85.—(1) In this Part of this Act—

the expression “aviation (private hire) business” means the business of hiring out for reward aircraft, for the purpose of the carriage of passengers or goods, under a contract whereby the aircraft is chartered as a whole for a particular journey or journeys, as specified in the journey log book of such aircraft, irrespective of the number of passengers or the quantity of goods to be carried;

the expression “aviation (pleasure flights) business” means the business of giving for reward pleasure flights in aircraft beginning and ending, without landing in the course of the flight, at the same aerodrome;

the expression “aviation (instruction) business” means the business of giving for reward instruction in aviation.

(2) For the purposes of this Act an aviation (private hire) business, an aviation (pleasure flights) business, and an aviation (instruction) business shall each constitute a separate class of aviation business.