Air Navigation and Transport Act, 1936

Expenses of local authorities.

50.—All expenses incurred by a local authority under this Part of this Act shall be defrayed—

(a) in the case of the council of a county, by means of the poor rate raised equally over the whole of their county (exclusive of any borough or urban district included therein the council of which has made or is making contributions under the said Part in respect of an aerodrome established or about to be established in such county or in a county borough contiguous to such county);

(b) in the case of the councils of the county boroughs of Cork and Waterford, the council of a borough (other than a county borough or the borough of Dun Laoghaire) or the council of an urban district, out of any rate or fund applicable for the purposes of the Public Health (Ireland) Acts, 1878 to 1931, in like manner as if they had been incurred for the purposes of those Acts.