Air Navigation and Transport Act, 1936

Provision for giving effect to the Rome Convention.

35.—(1) The Executive Council may, if it appears to them to be necessary or expedient for them so to do for the purposes of giving effect to the Rome Convention, make an order—

(a) directing either—

(i) that the provisions set out in such order shall, in relation to aircraft registered in any such country (other than Saorstát Eireann) as may be specified in the order, have effect in lieu of the provisions of Chapters I and II of this Part of this Act, or

(ii) that all or any of the provisions of the said Chapters I and II shall, in relation to such aircraft, have effect subject to such modifications, adaptations and exceptions as may be specified in the order; and

(b) making such provisions as appear to the Executive Council to be required for securing that a Saorstát Eireann aircraft shall not leave Saorstát Eireann on a flight to or over any such country, unless there is on board the aircraft a certificate of insurance or a certificate of security in respect of the aircraft, being a certificate in such form and issued by such person and containing such particulars as may be appointed by the order.

(2) Where an order is made under the immediately preceding sub-section before the commencement of Chapter II of this Part of this Act, the said Chapter II shall, for the purposes of the said sub-section but not further or otherwise, be deemed to be in force.

(3) Every order made under this section shall have the force of law in Saorstát Eireann.