Air Navigation and Transport Act, 1936

Special provisions which may be made by Order of the Executive Council.

12.—Without prejudice to the generality of the powers conferred by the two immediately preceding sections, the Executive Council may by order made under either of the said sections make provision—

(a) prescribing the authority by which any of the powers exercisable under the Paris Convention by a contracting State or by any authority therein are to be exercised in Saorstát Eireann;

(b) for the licensing, inspection, and regulation of aerodromes, for access to aerodromes and places where aircraft have landed, for access to aircraft factories for the purpose of inspecting the work therein carried on, for prohibiting or regulating the use of unlicensed aerodromes, and for the licensing of personnel employed at aerodromes in the inspection or supervision of aircraft;

(c) as to the manner and conditions of the issue and renewal of any certificate or licence required by the order or by the Paris Convention, including the examination and tests to be undergone, and the form, custody, production, cancellation, suspension, endorsement and surrender of any such certificate or licence;

(d) as to the registration of aircraft in Saorstát Eireann;

(e) as to the conditions under which aircraft may be used for carrying passengers and goods;

(f) as to the conditions under which aircraft may pass, or passengers or goods may be conveyed by aircraft, into or from Saorstát Eireann or from one part of Saorstát Eireann to another;

(g) exempting from the provisions of the order or of the Paris Convention, or any of them, aircraft flown for experimental purposes, or any other aircraft or persons where it appears that the same should not apply;

(h) prescribing the scales of charges at licensed aerodromes;

(i) appointing any area to be a prohibited area for the purposes of the order;

(j) prescribing the fees to be paid in respect of the grant of any certificate or licence or otherwise for the purposes of the order or the Paris Convention;

(k) supplementing the Paris Convention, in such manner as appears necessary or convenient by regulations designed to promote the safety of aircraft and of persons and property carried therein, and to prevent aircraft endangering other persons and property;

(l) for the control and regulation of aerial lighthouses, lights at or in the neighbourhood of aerodromes and aerial lighthouses and lights which are liable to endanger aircraft;

(m) regulating the making of signals and other communications by or to aircraft and persons carried therein, and regulating the use of any ensign established for purposes connected with air navigation;

(n) prescribing any matter or thing referred to in this Part of this Act as prescribed.