Air Navigation and Transport Act, 1936

Furnishing of information and verification by applicants for grant, renewal and transfer of aviation business licences.

101.—(1) Every person who applies under this Part of this Act for a grant, renewal or transfer of an aviation business licence shall, when required by the Minister so to do, furnish to the Minister all such information as the Minister may require for the consideration of such application.

(2) The Minister may require any statement of fact made in an application for the grant, renewal or transfer of an aviation business licence or made to the Minister in response to a request for information under the next preceding sub-section to be verified by the statutory declaration of some person having personal knowledge of the fact so stated.

(3) If any person fails to furnish any information or any verification which he is required by the Minister under this section to furnish, the Minister may, on the ground of such failure and without prejudice to any other power of refusal conferred on him by this Part of this Act, refuse the application in relation to which such information or verification is so required.