Connaught Rangers (Pensions) Act, 1936

Reference of applications for wound pensions, wound gratuities, disability pensions and dependants' allowances to the Army Pensions Board.

10.—(1) Every application for the grant of a wound pension, a wound gratuity, a disability pension, or a dependant's allowance shall be referred by the Minister to the Army Pensions Board.

(2) Whenever an application is referred to the Army Pensions Board under this section, they shall report to the Minister on such matters arising on such application as they may be requested by the Minister to report upon, and for the purposes of such report shall cause such application to be investigated in such manner as the Minister may direct.

(3) The Army Pensions Board may for the purposes of carrying out the duties imposed on them by this Act make all such inquiries, summon all such witnesses and take such evidence on oath (which any member is hereby authorised to administer) or otherwise, as they may deem necessary.