Agricultural Produce (Cereals) Act, 1936

Other provisions in relation to sale of maize meal mixture.

31.—(1) On and after the appointed day it shall not be lawful for any person to sell or offer for sale any maize meal mixture unless the following conditions are complied with, that is to say:—

(a) such maize meal mixture is contained in a package and there is printed on such package or on a label securely fixed thereto the name and address of the manufacturer, and

(b) if the weight of maize meal mixture is one hundredweight or more, there is indicated in the prescribed manner on such package particulars of the percentage by weight of each of the component parts of such mixture.

(2) If any person acts in contravention of this section such person shall be guilty of an offence under this section.

(3) Regulations made by the Minister by virtue of section 83 of the Principal Act and in force immediately before the appointed day shall be deemed to have been made by virtue of this section, and may be amended or revoked by regulations made by the Minister by virtue of this section, and until so revoked and subject to any such amendment shall continue in force.