Electoral (University Constituencies) Act, 1936

Supplemental lists of university electors.

2.—(1) As soon as may be after the passing of this Act, every registration officer shall extract from the register of electors in force for each university constituency the name and other relevant particulars of every person who is registered as an elector in such register and whose place of residence as stated in such register is situate in the registration area of such registration officer and shall enter the name and other particulars so extracted in a separate list, in this Act referred to as a supplemental list.

(2) Every supplemental list shall—

(a) be in the prescribed form, and

(b) be framed in separate parts for each registration unit in the registration area, and

(c) be printed, and

(d) be published and put on sale in accordance with the provisions (other than provisions relating to time) contained in the First Schedule to the Principal Act in relation to the publication and sale of the register.

(3) Section 12 of the Principal Act shall apply to all expenses incurred by a registration officer in the preparation, printing, publishing, and putting on sale of a supplemental list as if those expenses were registration expenses within the meaning of that section.