Dublin Fever Hospital Act, 1936

Power to take lands.

35.—(1) The hospital board may, with the approval of the Minister, purchase or take on lease any land for the purposes of its powers and duties.

(2) For the purposes of the acquisition of land by the hospital board sections 203 , 214 and 215 of the Public Health (Ireland) Act, 1878 , as amended by section 8 of the Public Health (Ireland) Act, 1896 , and section 68 of the Act of 1925 shall apply as if herein enacted and made applicable to the hospital board with the modification that the advertisements mentioned in sub-section (2) of section 203 of the Public Health (Ireland) Act, 1878 , may be published in any month, and that the notices mentioned in the said sub-section shall be served in the succeeding month.