Flax Act, 1936

Flax quotas.

19.—(1) When the Executive Council has made an order under this Act fixing the maximum quantity of flax on which flax bounty will be paid in respect of any particular sale season, the Minister shall, as soon as conveniently may be thereafter and (except in regard to the sale season beginning on the 1st day of October, 1936) not later than the 31st day of March next after the making of such order, fix in respect of every registered flax-growing premises the maximum quantity (in this Act referred to as the quota) of flax grown in such premises on which flax bounty will be paid under this Act in respect of the sale season to which such order relates, and shall so fix every such quota that the total amount of all such quotas so fixed in respect of such sale season does not exceed the said maximum quantity of flax fixed by the said order in respect of such sale season.

(2) When fixing under this section a quota in respect of any particular registered flax-growing premises, the Minister shall have regard to the acreage on which flax was grown in such premises in previous years and to the acreage which in the opinion of the Minister is the maximum acreage on which flax could, in accordance with the principles of good husbandry, be grown in such premises.

(3) Where a registered proprietor of registered flax-growing premises has failed to make in accordance with this Act in respectof any year a return of flax proposed to be grown in such premises, the Minister may, if he so thinks proper, refrain from fixing any quota in respect of such premises for the sale season commencing in such year.