Flax Act, 1936

Inspection, etc., of flax in scutch-mill.

16.—(1) All flax grown on registered flax-growing premises which is lawfully sent by the registered proprietor of such premises for scutching to registered scutch-milling premises shall—

(a) be scutched at such scutch-milling premises, and

(b) when so scutched, be retained in such premises until the next paragraph of this sub-section has been complied with in respect thereof, and

(c) be inspected, weighed, graded, and valued in such premises in accordance with the next following sub-section of this section.

(2) The following provisions shall have effect in relation to the inspection, weighing, grading, and valuing of scutched flax in pursuance of the next preceding sub-section of this section, that is to say:—

(a) such scutched flax shall be so weighed by the proprietor of the scutch-milling premises in the presence of an inspector at the time appointed for that purpose by such inspector who shall thereupon record the weight thereof;

(b) such scutched flax shall, immediately after being so weighed, be inspected, graded, and valued by an inspector who shall thereupon record the grade and value thereof;

(c) the scutched flax grown in any particular flax-growing premises shall be weighed, inspected, graded, and valued in pursuance of this section separately and apart from the flax grown in any other flax-growing premises, and the record of such weights, grades and values shall be made and kept similarly separate and apart;

(d) every inspector, when valuing any scutched flax in pursuance of this section, shall have regard to the current market prices of scutched flax and, in particular to the current market price of the grade of scutched flax to which he has assigned the scutched flax so being valued, and such inspector shall value such scutched flax accordingly.

(3) The value, per stone, fixed by an inspector in pursuance of this section, of any scutched flax is in this Act referred to as the ascertained value of such flax.