Galway Harbour Act, 1935

Disqualification and qualification.

22.—(1) A person shall be disqualified from being a Commissioner if he—

(a) is not a citizen of Saorstát Eireann resident in Ireland; or

(b) holds any paid office under the Board; or

(c) is concerned in any bargain or contract entered into with the Board or participates in the profits of any such bargain or contract or of any work done under the authority of the Board;

provided that a person shall not be disqualified from being a Commissioner by reason of being interested—

(i) in the sale or lease of any lands or in any loan of money to the Board or in any contract with the Board for the supply from land of which he is the owner or occupier of materials for work being done by or under authority of the Board; or

(ii) in any newspaper in which any advertisement relating to the affairs of the Board is inserted or in any printing or advertising contract made with the Board after tender following public advertisement for tenders; or

(iii) in any bargain or contract made in the course of the ordinary dock or warehousing business of the Board; or

(iv) in supplying light or power to the Board or its contractors during the progress of the works; or

(v) in any bargain or contract made between the Board and any company registered under the Companies Acts 1908 to 1917, in his capacity as a director, shareholder, or member of such company; or

(vi) in any bargain or contract made with any local authority of which he is a member;

or if he—

(d) is a bankrupt, or if within five years of taking office he was or while in office is adjudicated a bankrupt, or within such five years presented or while in office presents a petition to the Court for the protection of his person or property: Provided that no Commissioner shall be disqualified by an adjudication whereof notice was not or is not published in the Iris Oifigiúil and that the grant of a certificate of conformity or of a certificate operating as a certificate of conformity shall remove any disqualification under this paragraph;

(e) is convicted either summarily or on indictment of any crime and sentenced without the option of a fine to imprisonment with hard labour or any greater punishment and has not received a free pardon; or

(f) is an infant.

(2) A Commissioner shall be qualified to sit as a representative of the County Council, Urban District Council or Chamber of Commerce, on the Board only while he is a member of the body that appointed him.