17/07/1934: Fishery By-Law No. 420 No. 10² Or Bangor District


I, SÉAMAS Ó RIAIN, Minister for Agriculture, by virtue and in exercise of the powers vested in me by the Fisheries Act, 1925 , the Fisheries (Re-distribution of Public Services) Order, 1934, and of every other power enabling me in this behalf, do MAKE AND ORDAIN THE FOLLOWING BY-LAW :—

(1) It is prohibited to take or remove shingle, gravel or sand at any time between the 1st day of November in each year and the 30th day of April following, both said days inclusive, from any river in the No. 102 or Bangor Fishery District which is frequented by salmon or trout during the spawning season.

(2) Each and every person offending against this By-law shall forfeit and pay for each offence a sum not exceeding five pounds.

(3) The Interpretation Act, 1923 (No. 46 of 1923), applies to the interpretation of this By-law in like manner as it applies to the interpretation of an Act of the Oireachtas.

(4) This By-law may be cited for all purposes as the Bangor District By-law, No. 420, 1934.

(5) The By-law dated the 20th day of May, 1865, by which it was prohibited to take gravel or sand from the Owen more River in the County Mayo, is hereby revoked.

Given under my Seal of Office this 17th day of July, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty-four.


Minister for Agriculture.

NOTE.—Under the provisions of the Fisheries Act, 1925 , this By-law will come into operation on the twenty-eighth day after the above date.