Slaughter of Cattle and Sheep Act, 1934

Beef vouchers.

46.—(1) The Minister shall arrange for the issue to recipients of vouchers (in this Part of this Act referred to as beef vouchers) by means of which recipients will be enabled to obtain supplies of beef under this Part of this Act, and with that object the Minister, after consultation with the Minister for Local Government and Public Health and the Minister for Industry and Commerce, may by order make regulations for all or any of the following purposes, that is to say:—

(a) providing for the distribution to recipients of beef vouchers entitling such recipients to obtain a weekly supply of beef under this Part of this Act;

(b) prescribing (subject to the provisions of this section) the form and contents of beef vouchers;

(c) prescribing (subject as aforesaid) the weekly quantity of beef which each recipient shall be entitled so to obtain;

(d) securing that every person who is for the time being a recipient shall receive every week such beef voucher as he is entitled to in the circumstances of his case and that no beef voucher shall be issued to a person who is not a recipient;

(e) providing for such other matters as may be necessary or desirable for securing the due distribution of beef vouchers.

(2) Regulations made under this section if made with the concurrence of the Minister for Local Government and Public Health may impose on relieving officers and assistance officers the duty of distributing beef vouchers to recipients who are in receipt of outdoor relief or home-assistance.

(3) Every beef voucher shall state—

(a) the week during which beef can be obtained by means of such voucher, and

(b) the contractor or registered proprietor from whom and the place at which beef can be so obtained, and

(c) the quantity of beef which can be so obtained.

(4) Regulations made under this section shall provide for the weekly quantity of beef to be obtained by a recipient being fixed with due regard to the number and age of his dependants and, in the case of a recipient in receipt of unemployment assistance, the number of days on which he is unemployed in the relevant week in respect of which he is paid unemployment assistance.