Unemployment Assistance Act, 1933


Unemployment Assistance.

Right to receive unemployment assistance.

14.—(1) Any person who is the holder of a qualification certificate may, subject to the provisions of this section, apply in the prescribed manner for unemployment assistance.

(2) Where an application for unemployment assistance is duly made by a person for the time being entitled under the immediately preceding sub-section to make such application and such person delivers to an unemployment assistance officer his qualification certificate and satisfies such officer in the prescribed manner that he complies with the statutory conditions, such person shall, so long as he continues to comply with the statutory conditions and is not disqualified under this Act for receiving unemployment assistance, be entitled, subject to the provisions of this Act, to receive payments (in this Act referred to as unemployment assistance) at such times, in such manner, and at such rate as is or are or shall be appointed by or under this Act.

(3) No application for unemployment assistance shall be made by any person unless and until so much of this Act as authorises persons to apply for unemployment assistance has come into force in relation to the area within which such person resides.

(4) When a person is for the time being in receipt of unemployment assistance the qualification certificate of such person shall be retained at the prescribed place, during the prescribed time and in the prescribed manner.