Land Act, 1933

Amendment of section 73 (2) (b) of the Land Act, 1923 .

45.—Sub-section (2) of section 73 of the Land Act, 1923 , is hereby amended by the deletion of paragraph (b) of the said sub-section and the insertion in the said sub-section of the following paragraph in lieu of the paragraph so deleted, and the said section shall be construed and have effect accordingly, that is to say:—

“(b) if the holding is situate in a non-congested districts county, and the Land Commission certify that the creation of the tenancy was in the interests of the country, the holding shall vest in the Land Commission as tenanted land, but if the Band Commission do not so certify, the holding shall not be vested in the Land Commission unless they deem it expedient that it should vest as untenanted land, whereupon it stall so vest and the price shall be ascertained as if the holding were untenanted land.”