Perpetual Funds (Registration) Act, 1933

Rectification of the register.

8.—(1) Whenever through the happening of any event the particulars entered in the register in respect of any registered perpetual fund cease to be in accordance with the facts the trustees of such fund shall apply in the prescribed form and manner to the registrar to rectify the register.

(2) Every application under this section shall be made within the prescribed time after the day on which the event occasioning such application takes place, and shall be signed by a trustee or by the secretary of the fund to which such application relates.

(3) On receipt of an application under this section for the rectification of the register (whether such application is or is not made within the prescribed time), the registrar, on being satisfied of the relevant facts, shall rectify the register in accordance with such application.

(4) The registrar may at any time, without any application under this Act, rectify the register for the purpose of correcting an error or removing an ambiguity.