Vocational Education Act, 1930

Higher technical education.

38.—(1) A vocational education committee for a borough vocational education area may, subject to compliance with the next following sub-section of this section, establish and maintain in its area a school (in this section referred to as a day technical college) having for its main object the provision of education, in the general principles of science, commerce, or art suited to the requirements of persons employed in positions of control or responsibility in trade or industry.

(2) The following provisions shall apply to and be complied with in every day technical college, that is to say:—

(a) such college shall not provide for the training in the technique of any trade or craft save to such extent as the same may be ancillary to its main object and be approved of by the Minister; and

(b) admission to such college shall be confined to students who at the beginning of the school year are not less than sixteen years in age; and

(c) students enrolled at such college shall be charged such fees as may be approved of by the Minister; and

(d) no student shall be admitted to such college who does not possess such qualifications as may be prescribed by the Minister.

(3) Persons selected or accepted by the Minister for training as teachers shall be afforded such facilities at a day technical college on such terms and in such manner as the Minister considers reasonable.