National Monuments Act, 1930

Effect of preservation orders.

9.—When a preservation order has been made in respect of a national monument then until such order is revoked the following provisions shall have effect in relation to such monument, that is to say:—

(1) any officer of the Commissioners duly authorised by them in that behalf may at any time inspect and examine such national monument and for that purpose may enter on such monument and any other lands or premises;

(2) unless such monument is occupied as a dwelling by a person other than a person employed as the caretaker thereof or the family of that person, the Commissioners may if they think it expedient so to do by order made with the consent of the Minister appoint themselves guardians of such monument;

(3) an order of the Commissioners appointing themselves guardians of a national monument shall continue in force for so long as the preservation order in respect of such monument continues in force and shall during such continuance confer and impose on the Commissioners the like powers and duties in relation to such monument as they would have had if they had been appointed guardians thereof by deed under this Act.