Censorship of Films (Amendment) Act, 1930

Extension of existing legislation to sounds accompanying pictures.

2.—(1) Where a picture within the meaning of the Principal Act is accompanied by vocal or other sounds produced by mechanical means in synchronisation with the optical effect constituting such picture, then for the purposes of the application and construction of the Principal Act and the Amending Act respectively to and in relation to such picture the following provisions shall have effect, that is to say:—

(a) the said vocal or other sounds shall be deemed to be included in and to form part of such picture;

(b) the mechanical means by which such sounds are produced shall be deemed to be part of the cinematograph or similar apparatus by means of which such picture is exhibited;

(c) the exhibition of such picture shall include the production of the said sounds; and

(d) references to a film and to a negative shall be construed as including respectively references to a record from which such sounds are produced and to a matrix from which such record is made.