Juries (Protection) Act, 1929

Verdicts by nine members of jury.

5.—(1) In every trial before a Judge and jury of a person charged with any crime or offence, a majority vote of nine members of the jury shall be sufficient to determine the verdict and the Judge shall so inform the jury and the verdict of such nine members or upwards shall be taken and recorded as the verdict of the jury without disclosure of the number (save as hereinafter mentioned) or identity of the dissentients, if any.

(2) Whenever a jury finds a person to be guilty of a crime for which the penalty provided by law is death, the Judge shall inquire of the foreman of the jury, and the foreman of the jury shall notify to the Judge privately in writing, whether the verdict was or was not unanimous and the number of the dissentients (if any), and the judge shall report to the Minister for Justice the information so obtained.