S.I. No. 916/1927 - 18/03/1927: Fishery By-Law No. 381 No. 17 Or Drogheda District


I, FIONÁN O LOINGSIGH, Minister for Fisheries, by virtue and in exercise of the powers vested in me by the Fisheries Act, 1925 , and of every other power enabling me in this behalf, DO MAKE AND ORDAIN THE FOLLOWING BY-LAW :—

1. It is prohibited to put, leave or have in possession or to permit any person or persons to put or leave in or on the banks of or within two hundred yards of any part of the River Boyne or its tributaries any net of such kind or dimensions as is prohibited by law or by by-law to be used in that part of the river or its tributaries. In the tidal portion of the river the said distance of two hundred yards shall be measured from low water mark of Ordinary Spring Tides.

2. Nothing in this by-law shall affect the exercise of lawful fishing within two hundred yards of the boundary between the tidal and freshwater portions of the said river as defined in accordance with the Fisheries Acts.

3. Each and every person offending against this by-law shall forfeit and pay for each offence a sum not exceeding five pounds ; and every net found contrary to this by-law shall be forfeited.

4. This by-law may be cited for all purposes as the River Boyne Illegal Nets By-Law, No. 381, 1927.

Given under my Seal of Office, this 18th day of March, One thousand nine hundred and twenty-seven.


Minister for Fisheries.

NOTE.—Under the provisions of the Fisheries Act, 1925 , this by-law will come into operation on the twenty-eighth day after the above date.