Dublin United Tramways (Lucan Electric Railways) Act, 1927

Company may alter position of railways and construct sidings, junctions, etc.

9.—(1) (a) The Company may with the consent of the road authority from time to time alter the site or position of the railways in any street or road and make maintain alter and remove such crossings, passing places, sidings, loops, junctions, shelters, or sheds and other works in addition to those authorised by this Act as may be necessary or convenient for the efficient working of the said railways and the user thereof by the public or for affording access to the buildings, sheds, works and premises of the Company or of other companies or persons adjoining the said railways.

(b) The Company shall on the receipt of one month's notice in writing from the road authority at any time after the completion of the relaying of the same alter the site or position of the railway but not the relative levels of the railway and roadway in any street or road but the road authority shall be liable to pay to the Company any expense to which the Company is put in carrying out such alterations.

(2) In addition to the requirements of clause 10 of the Order of 1896 the Company shall be bound on receipt of notice from the road authority of its intention to alter the level of any street or road where any part of the railway is situate to alter the level of the railway in accordance with the requirements of clause 10 notwithstanding that the road authority shall not have previously altered the level of the road or street. Such alterations shall be completed by the Company within one month from the receipt of such notice. Any additional costs incurred by the Company under this sub-section in consequence of such notice shall be borne by the road authority.