Dublin United Tramways (Lucan Electric Railways) Act, 1927

Company may reconstruct and maintain Railways of Lucan and of Leixlip Companies.

8.—In lieu of the existing railways the Company may reconstruct relay and maintain the railways and works marked on the deposited map and plans with a gauge of 5 feet 3 inches and in the lines and in all respects in accordance with the said plans with all proper rails plates tubes works and conveniences connected therewith and may for the purposes thereof take up remove alter appropriate and use so much of the existing railways platforms works and effects as may be applicable and may join up and connect said railways with the existing tramway of the Company in Parkgate Street in the City of Dublin by a line of rails 4.5 chains in length all in the City of Dublin beginning with a junction with the right hand track of the tramways in Parkgate Street at a point 97 yards or thereabouts from the centre of the Park gate measured in a south-easterly direction and forming a cross-over to the left hand track of the same and forming a continuation of the left hand track and ending by a junction with said railway and may work the said railway with electricity generated at the existing power house of the Company situate at Ringsend in the City of Dublin or by other mechanical power.