Dublin United Tramways (Lucan Electric Railways) Act, 1927

Vesting of Lucan and Leixlip undertakings.

4.—(1) Upon the payment into court of the consideration moneys mentioned in clause 3 of the agreement set out in the first schedule to this Act the undertaking and all the real and personal property and all the powers authorities privileges and all other rights and interests vested in the Lucan Company by the several various orders in Council under and by virtue of which the said undertaking has hitherto been carried on shall vest in the Company and shall subject to the provisions of this Act be deemed for all purposes to be part of the undertaking of the Company as if the Company had been named in the said several orders in Council instead of the Lucan Company, and the Company shall maintain and carry on the undertaking and shall observe and perform the several conditions stipulations and provisions contained in said orders except in so far as same are varied or altered by this Act and references in such orders to the Grand Jury or the Finance Committee and the County Surveyor shall be deemed to include the Corporation and Borough Surveyor so far as same relate to any portion of the railways in the City of Dublin and references to any two Magistrates of the County shall be deemed to mean a District Justice sitting for the County or City of Dublin: Provided that the Company shall not be answerable for any debt or liability incurred by the Lucan Company in respect of the said undertaking before the 1st day of May, 1926 and also Provided that no wayleave shall be payable to the road authority in respect of the working of the undertakings transferred to the Company by this Act.

(2) The provisions of clause 5 of the Dublin and Lucan Steam Tramway Amendment Order, 1896 shall apply to all sewers drains water pipes electric cables and apparatus of the Corporation and section 38 of the Dublin United Tramways (Electrical Power) Act, 1897 shall apply to the railways authorised by this Act.

(3) From and after the acquisition of the share capital of the Leixlip Company provided for by section 3 of this Act the undertaking of the Leixlip Company shall by virtue of this Act and subject to the provisions hereof be transferred to and shall vest in the Company and the Company shall maintain and carry on the undertaking of the Leixlip Company and the provisions in that behalf of sub-section (1) of this section shall apply to the transfer of the Leixlip undertaking as if in the said sub-section the words “Leixlip Company” were substituted for the words “Lucan Company” in said sub-section.