Dublin United Tramways (Lucan Electric Railways) Act, 1927

Area of supply.

19.—(1) The area within which the Company may supply electricity subject to the provisions of this Act shall be the area outside the City of Dublin and the Phœnix Park and within half a statute mile measured in any direction from the centre line of the said railways and all of which said area is situate within the Rural Districts of North and South Dublin and Celbridge No.2.

(2) In accordance with the provisions of the principal Acts the Minister may after consultation with the local authority include such additional area as he may think fit in the area of supply, provided that nothing in this Act shall authorise the Company to apply for such extension of the area of supply so as to include the Phœnix Park or any part thereof or an area or part of an area supplied at the time of the passing of this Act with electricity by the local authority of such area without the consent of such local authority.

(3) If and whenever any portion of the area of supply shall be added to or included in the County Borough of Dublin the Company shall cease to act as electricity undertakers in such added area save with the consent in writing of the Corporation.

(4) In the event of the Company so ceasing to act as electricity undertakers the Corporation shall purchase from the Company such portions of the distribution net-work of the Company in the said portions of the area of supply as shall be suitable for the purposes of the Corporation in same. The price to be paid by the Corporation shall be the market value at the time of the purchase as agreed between the parties. In the absence of agreement as to suitability, price or otherwise as to the carrying out of this sub-section same shall be decided by a person to be nominated by the Minister, whose decision shall be final and binding upon the parties.