Dublin United Tramways (Lucan Electric Railways) Act, 1927

New track between Lucan and Doddsborough Corner.

11.—(1) Notwithstanding anything in this Act contained or in the statutes or orders in Council with this Act incorporated the Company if so required in writing by the road authority within three months of the passing of this Act shall in the execution of the works by this Act authorised replace the existing track and platform of the Lucan and Leixlip Electric Railway between Lucan and Doddsborough Corner by a new track and platform to be constructed on the site at present occupied by the footpath beside the said track and platform.

(2) If pursuant to sub-section (1) of this section the County Surveyor requires the Company to alter the site of the existing track and platform the County Council shall, on the completion of the railway to be laid by the Company under the powers conferred by this Act, construct a footpath on the south side of the roadway leading from Lucan to Doddsborough Corner and shall restore and macadamize or otherwise resurface the part of the roadways uncovered or torn up by the removal of the present railway and platform of the Lucan and Leixlip Electric Railway Company.

(3) The works to be executed by the County Council under the provisions of this section shall be executed free of charge to the Company.