County Court Appeals Act, 1927.

Signing of orders by county registrar.

1.—(1) In the case of each of the appeals specified in the first column of the Schedule hereto it shall be lawful for the person for the time being holding the office of the county registrar specified in the second column of the Schedule hereto opposite such appeal to prepare and draw up such order as in his opinion is necessary and proper to give effect to the decision pronounced on such appeal by the late Edmund A. Swayne, K.C., as Commissioner for the purposes of the County Court Appeals Act, 1924 (No. 57 of 1924), and to sign such order in the name and on behalf of the said Edmund A. Swayne, K.C.

(2) Every order prepared, drawn up, and signed by a county registrar under and in accordance with this section shall for all purposes have the same force and effect as such order would have if the same were signed by the said Edmund A. Swayne, K.C., in person.