Electoral (Amendment) (No. 2) Act, 1927


1.—In this Act—

the expression “commissioner for oaths” means in relation to an affidavit sworn outside Saorstát Eireann a person who is authorised by the law of the place in which such affidavit is sworn to administer oaths in that place;

the expression “the oath” means the oath required by Article 17 of the Constitution to be taken and subscribed by every member of the Oireachtas before taking his seat therein;

references to taking the oath shall be construed as referring to taking the said oath in the manner prescribed by the said Article 17; and

references to election include in the case of Seanad Eireann the choosing pursuant to Article 34 of the Constitution of a person to fill the place of a member of Seanad Eireann who has died, resigned, or become disqualified.