Barrow Drainage Act, 1927

Duties of Commissioners in regard to navigable aqueducts.

29.—If and in so far as the scheme provides for the diversion, removal, or other interference with any aqueduct carrying a canal or other navigable waterway the following provisions shall have effect, that is to say:—

(a) the Commissioners shall at or before the completion of the work specified in the scheme either restore the aqueduct to its former condition or construct a new permanent aqueduct sufficient to carry the like amount (in quantity and character) of navigating traffic as the original aqueduct was able to carry and not substantially less convenient in gradient, curve, and depth than such original aqueduct;

(b) if any doubt, dispute, or question shall arise as to whether the Commissioners in the restoration or construction of an aqueduct pursuant to this section have complied with the provisions of this section, such doubt, dispute, or question shall be decided by the Minister for Industry and Commerce whose decision shall be final and conclusive.