Barrow Drainage Act, 1927

Preparation of draft scheme by the Commissioners.

2.—(1) As soon as may be after the passing of this Act the Commissioners shall prepare a draft scheme of arterial drainage for reducing flooding on the River Barrow and its tributaries and for the carrying out of the works necessary therefor and of such other works subsidiary or incidental thereto as the Commissioners may think necessary or desirable.

(2) The draft scheme shall show, either in the body thereof or by means of appropriate maps, drawings, plans, sections, and schedules annexed thereto, the following matters, that is to say:—

(a) the rivers, streams, and waters proposed to be dealt with and the lands proposed to be drained or improved, and

(b) the works proposed to be executed, and

(c) the lands and premises proposed to be compulsorily acquired, the easements, water-rights, and other rights proposed to be compulsorily acquired, restricted, terminated, or otherwise interfered with, the roads and bridges and the railways and navigations proposed to be diverted, removed or otherwise interfered with, and

(d) the reputed proprietors and owners, and the rated or other occupiers of the several lands and premises, easements, water-rights, and other rights, public roads and bridges, railways and navigations proposed to be compulsorily acquired, restricted, terminated or otherwise interfered with or affected, and an estimate of the compensation which would be payable to such proprietors, owners, and occupiers respectively on account of such compulsory acquisition, restriction, termination, interference, or affection, and

(e) the area to be constituted a separate drainage district on the completion of the proposed works, and

(f) an estimate of the cost of the execution of the proposed works and of the expenses generally of carrying out the proposals contained in the draft scheme.

(3) In preparing the draft scheme the Commissioners shall have regard to the user of the River Barrow and the Canals connecting therewith for the purpose of navigation and to the necessity of avoiding any permanent interference with or hindrance to such navigation.

(4) The expenses incurred by the Commissioners in preparing the draft scheme shall be part of the general expenses of carrying the scheme into execution and shall be paid accordingly.

(5) The Commissioners shall for the purpose of the preparation of the draft scheme be entitled at all reasonable times to enter upon any land or premises affected or alleged or believed to be affected by the flooding of the River Barrow or its tributaries and upon such other land or premises in the neighbourhood thereof as the Commissioners shall think necessary and there to do such acts and things as shall be reasonably necessary for the purpose aforesaid.