Medical Practitioners Act, 1927

Duties of inspectors of examinations.

41.—(1) It shall be the duty of every inspector of examinations appointed under this Act to attend at every qualifying examination at which he is directed by the Council to attend but such inspector of examinations shall not interfere with the conduct of any qualifying examination at which he attends in the performance of his duty under this section.

(2) Every inspector of examinations shall make to the Council in the form and manner and within the time prescribed by the Council by regulations made under this Act a report on—

(a) the sufficiency or insufficiency in his opinion of the standard of knowledge required at such examination, and

(b) any other matter relating to such examination on which such inspector is required by the Council to make a report to it.

(3) The Council shall send by registered post a copy of every report made to it under this section by an inspector of examinations to the body by which the qualifying examination to which such report relates was held and shall receive such observations on such report as such body may send to the Council, and the Council shall also send a copy of every such report and of such observations (if any) thereon to the Minister.