Juries Act, 1927

Summoning of jurors.

39.—(1) Every person whose name is entered as a juror in a panel of jurors under this Act shall, not less than four days before the first day on which his attendance as a juror is required, be served in the manner hereinafter specified with a summons in the prescribed form requiring him to attend as a juror in the court to which the panel relates on the day specified in the summons.

(2) Every juror whose name is entered in a particular panel shall be summoned for the same day and such day shall be that day in the sittings for which the panel was prepared which, whenever the summoning officer is an under-sheriff, appears to the Master, Registrar, or other principal officer of the Court for which the panel was prepared and, in every other case appears to the summoning officer to be the most convenient day for the purpose having regard to the business to be transacted during such sittings.