Juries Act, 1927

Contents of jurors books.

20.—(1) Every jurors book shall be prepared from the jurors list in force in the jury district when the jurors book is being prepared and there shall be entered in the jurors book the names of all persons whose names are entered in such jurors list.

(2) The several persons whose names are to be entered in a jurors book shall be entered therein in the alphabetical order of their surnames and, in the case of persons having the same surname, in the alphabetical order of their christian names.

(3) There shall also be entered in every jurors book after the name of each person whose name is entered therein his address and his trade, profession, calling, or description as stated in the said jurors list.

(4) When a county registrar has completed the preparation of a jurors book he shall endorse on the cover thereof the name of the jury district and shall sign immediately below the last name entered therein a certificate in the following form:—

“I certify that this jurors book for the jury district of ________________has been prepared by me on the __________day of ________________19 _____in accordance with the provisions of the Juries Act, 1927.

(Signed) __________________________

County Registrar for______________”