Juries Act, 1927

Form and contents of draft jurors lists.

14.—(1) Every draft jurors list shall be in the prescribed form and every county registrar shall on demand furnish to every secretary of a county council, town clerk of a county or other borough, and clerk of an urban district in his area a sufficient number of printed forms of draft jurors lists for the preparation of any draft jurors list to be prepared by such secretary, town clerk, or clerk under this Act.

(2) There shall be entered in every draft jurors list the names of all persons who by reason of being themselves rated or by reason of their wives being rated for the relief of the poor in respect of land in the county, borough, or district to which the list relates are qualified and liable to serve as jurors and are not exempt or disqualified from so serving, and there shall also be entered in every draft jurors list the last known place of abode and the trade, profession, calling, or description of every person whose name is entered in such list and also the situation, description, and rateable value of the land in respect of which such person is so qualified and liable.

(3) Whenever the person preparing a draft jurors list is uncertain for any reason whether the name of any particular person should or should not be entered in such list, he shall enter such name in such list together with a statement of such uncertainty and the reason therefor.

(4) The names entered in the draft jurors list, for any county, county or other borough, or urban district shall be entered and arranged in such list in the like manner and order as the names entered in the electors lists for such county, borough, or district are required by the law for the time being in force to be entered and arranged in those lists.