Land Act, 1927

Provisions for resale of lands vested under Part III. of the Land Act, 1923 .

43.—(1) The power given to the Land Commission by sub-section (2) of section 55 of the Land Act, 1923 , to retain lands vested in them under Part III. of that Act may be exercised by them in any case where lands are so vested in them either before or after the passing of this Act notwithstanding that the conditions in sub-section (1) of the said section may have been fulfilled.

(2) In making advances to persons or bodies for the purchase by them of parcels of land retained by the Land Commission under sub-section (2) of section 55 of the Land Act, 1923 , as amended by this section, the Land Commission may have regard to and give applicants credit for any sums previously paid by them to or on behalf of the society or body of trustees for the purchase of the lands.

(3) In deciding as to the suitability of applicants for the purchase of parcels of land so retained, the Land Commission may in any case if it seems equitable and expedient so to do make it a condition of the purchase agreement of any such applicant that the parcel shall not be vested in him until he lodges with the Land Commission such sum of money as they may consider properly payable by him in respect of contributions towards deposit, interest on purchase money, rent, purchase annuity or otherwise.